I find this whole Old Spice Guy thing intriguing. <hr class="at-page-break">Not because I find Isaiah "'m on a horse" Mustafa so be so debonair. I am talking more about what he and Old Spice failed to accomplish - translating an engaging campaign into a successful one - from a slaes perspective.
I am sad to say that so far it seems that the answer has been a resounding NO. While Old Spice sales are up in general, the viral campaign did not move the sales needle much (according to early indications)  was really rooting for Old Spice on this one, but it seems so far that male YouTube viewers, while not wanting to smell like women's body wash, still think of Old Spice as Old Man smelling body wash.

Let's see if the course reverses. In the meantime, Old Spice Guy is on a boat, in the middle of nowhere. I hope he makes it to shore because I would like to see more of him.