Just heard from the guys over at Marketing Over Coffee that Google is now using load time to factor into search rankings What this means in plain English is that the faster your site loads, the higher it will be listed on a Google search. The flip side is that if your site is graphics and Flash heavy, it will have a negative effect on your search rankings.

You can read more from Google's own Matt Cutts. He outlines various tools you can use to measure speed and optimize your site as well.

Another very important reason to avoid Flash sites is that the push towards mobile technology is stronger and stronger every day. This is especially if you have a local business and people need to find you from their Blackberrys, iPhones and the like.

Leave Flash for the sites that are truly meant to be interactive.
Start a simple blog type site on Wordpress, Typepad ot Weebly for crying out loud.
3/26/2023 09:51:40 pm

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